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You can get a nice fresh copy of VDSM off EverAmericana if you're interested. It's kinda (no, very) weird, I much prefer the acoustic version, not so overcooked, but it's a new sound, and I'm still optimistic for the rest of the album. The VDSM promo's are appearing on Ebay now, though the one I saw was $20 plus shipping and you're living on the wrong planet if you think I'm paying that, I'll wait till they get more common and come down in price methinks. Rumours abound that there are promo's of the album around as well, so maybe if we're lucky Kazaa, or one of the fan sites will pick it up soon.

Amazon actually has a listing for the Japanese version of the album saying it will be released January 27th, which is obviously a mistake (March 11th is the release date) but at least we know some other countries will be getting the album, and a Japanese release means bonus tracks (maybe Glorious as that never made the final cut?) or some b-sides.

In other news, if you're in the area Everclear are playing two dates at Ceasar's in Tahoe on Feb 7th and 8th. If you're like me you can sit back and cry, wondering when they'll ever get to your town (or country).

Finally, I see Shag has closed down the official site for now. What happened to the promises of song previews, more interviews, competitions and a "really cool" run up to the album release? As usual our excuse for an official webmaster has proved to be about as much use a nuclear powered computer controlled intercontinental ballistic duck. So rather than even attempt to stick to his far fetched promises he's weaseled out of the whole thing by shutting the site, of course now he has pretty much forced himself into a redesign.

I'd register at the forum and complain, but I forgot, the last time you could register and post there all the continents were joined together and called Pangaea. I have no idea who's payroll that guy is on but he needs taking off it and fast, when he updates it's pathetic, he makes more promises than a politician and the only thing he actually seems to do is ban people from the boards.

As usual this degenerated into a rant, but whenever it comes to the official site, what else can you do? Thank god for WhiteLightning, EverAmericana and Hungry & Hollow.
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